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We at HSG are grateful to have you join us for this event. Whether you have worked with us previously, or you are new to our family, we want to ensure you are fully informed of our updated onboarding experience. In order to adhere to Federal guidelines, our onboarding and check-in process has been enhanced to be as virtual as possible.


What To Expect

General FAQ
How do I know if I am confirmed to work a strike?

In order to secure a spot to work a strike you need to follow these steps:

  1. At strike notice, confirm your dates in AMN passport (you are able to do this up until T-6)
  2. Once dates are confirmed, you will receive an email to confirm your flight itinerary OR your arrival date if driving.
  3. After confirming, you will then receive your official strike contract. Please sign in AMN passport.
  4. Complete your COVID-19 vaccination status in AMN passport.
  5. You are now officially signed up to work!
After I'm confirmed, how will I know what to do next?

You will receive detailed travel instruction the day before you arrive. These instructions will give you the location of your check-in and your bus pickup information if flying. Please check your email, text and AMN passport for the latest information.

I'm getting a lot of information saying I need to complete my credentialing in AMN Passport, am I still able to bring missing documents at check-in?

Absolutely! We know you may still be gathering documents up until the last minute, please bring any outstanding documentation to your check-in.

What should I do if members of the media ask me about the strike?

Please refer all questions from the media to Jim Gogek, who can be reached at jim.gogek@amnhealthcare.com or 858-350-3209.

Contracts FAQ
When will I receive my Contract?

Your contract will be available for signature in AMN Passport shortly after you confirm your availability and confirm your travel.

What happens if I arrive, and the strike settles before I work?

If you arrive at Check-In with a complete file and the strike is cancelled, you will receive the settlement fee or time worked during Orientation. This fee will be paid on the next regular pay cycle after the date of cancellation.

What if I’m not compliant by my start date?

100% Compliance will be required in order start the assignment. In the event you are not compliant by your desired start date, you will be canceled.

How do I log my hours worked while on-site?

a. Before you arrive on-site, make sure you have registered for ShiftWise Staff Time Tracker (STT). If you do not have your STT code to register, please contact (800)458-8973.
b. Hours must be logged daily in order to be paid on time.
c. At the end of each day, stop by the desk located in the hotel to have your timecard reviewed and approved.

Transportation FAQ
When will I receive my Itinerary?

Your Travel itinerary should be booked and available to you approximately 72 hours before your travel date. You will receive a link in your email as well as see the link in your AMN passport. Simply click the link inside of your itinerary page to confirm.

Will the cost of my transportation to and from my originating (home) airport be covered?

Although you are not required to utilize transportation provided by HealthSource, we will provide transportation between the arrival airport, hotel and hospital. Transportation to/ from other destinations, including your home is not reimbursable.

Will parking at the airport be covered?


Will parking at the hotel be covered?

HealthSource will cover the cost of parking only for employees who do not fly and are authorized to drive.

Will I be paid for transportation time or mileage driving to the hospital and back to the hotel?


When will my return flight be scheduled?

Your return flight will be booked 24-48 hours prior to your departure date.

Will transportation be provided to the airport after the strike ends?

Yes, however your mode of transportation will be the bus shuttle from the hotel to the airport. HealthSource will provide your specific bus voucher for transportation.

What is included in my compensation?

All wages, including overtime and/or double-time, will be calculated, and paid according to the laws of the state in which you work.

How can I review my pay information?

a. During the pay period following the last day of the strike, you can view your payment information online at workforcenow.adp.com.
b. Click on the ‘REGISTER HERE’ button and enter the registration code “HSGS-001”
c. After you complete the registration process and login: Click on Pay > Pay Profile, to view your pay statements and W-2s.

How do I change my W-4 tax elections? When will the change take into effect?

a. New Employees
HealthSource Global uses ADP Workforce Now to manage W-4 and payroll services. You will receive an email with instructions from ADP explaining how to create an account with ADP to complete your W-4 elections and to view pay information.
b. Returning Employees
To make changes to your W-4, log into your ADP Workforce Now account at workforcenow.adp.com and complete the new form. Please note: if you do not submit a new form, withholding will continue based on your previously submitted form. Excluding tax exemption which need to be re-verified each year.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my paycheck?

Email Support@HealthSourceGlobal.com and be sure to include your name and specific details regarding your question.