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Need More Information about Working a Strike? 

Do you have specific questions about what to expect on a strike assignment or more specific questions about pay and accommodations? Check out the most commonly asked questions below.

What is a strike healthcare professional?

Healthcare professionals who support strike (both nursing and allied) are crucial to maintaining patient care. Strike healthcare professionals fill gaps during labor disruptions for healthcare systems.

How long is a typical strike assignment?

There is no standard duration for a strike assignment. It could be one day, five days or even an indefinite timeframe. Flexibility and patience are important traits for anyone who is interested in strike staffing.

What can I expect during a strike?

During a strike or labor disruption, the hospital is desperate for help to continue patient care. Flexibility is the key to success. Strike healthcare professionals can often be expected to work up to five or six 12-hour shifts in a week. It is unlikely you will be able to request certain shifts, as the goal is for healthcare professionals to fill in where needed.
Supporting strikes can be quite tense. It is important to remember that while you may have a great deal of empathy for your fellow healthcare professionals as you cross the picket line, strike healthcare professionals have a responsibility to the patients inside, and their need for care doesn’t stop due to labor disputes.

Do I need to pass a drug test?

You must pass a drug screen of the ten controlled substances before working, including Marijuana. If you take any prescribed medications where you believe you may test positive on a 10-panel drug test, (I.e - if you take prescribed medications) please be prepared to present your doctor’s recommendation, as well as the prescription bottle for review on-site or remotely with the Medical Review Officer (MRO).

I want to work a strike. Now what?

Browse and apply for upcoming strike assignments now in AMN Passport. Be sure to add “Strike” as a job preference when searching.


What should I do if members of the media ask me about the strike?

Please refer all questions from the media to

On Assignment
When will I learn the details of the assignment?

Specific details of the assignment, including the facility location and your assigned shift, will be provided to you at check-in to your strike assignment.

Can I share the details of my assignment?

As outlined in your Professional Services Agreement, you have agreed not to discuss the nature of your assignment with HSG. You are to maintain patient confidentiality and adhere to all privacy laws, indicated by HIPAA.
To maintain safety, when working or out in the city, refrain from disclosing the details of your assignment (facility, client name, hotel name, etc.) as well as sharing the nature of your travel.

When will I receive my contract?

Your Professional Services Agreement will be available for signature once you are confirmed for the strike assignment.

What if I am not compliant by my start date?

It is critical you complete all your compliance items notated in AMN Passport. 100% Compliance is required to start the assignment. If you arrive at the check-In site and you are not able to be marked compliant, your assignment will be canceled and return travel will be at your own expense.

Can I request a specific shift?

No, all applicants must be flexible by committing to working at least 12 hours per day and floating to units in which they are qualified to work.

When do I receive my shift assignment?

Your shift will be assigned after successfully checking in on-site with the clinical manager.

When the strike assignment starts, who do i speak with regarding the assignment?

Once the assignment begins, clinical managers will be available 24/7 to speak with you. Their contact details will be provided once the strike assignment begins.

Travel and Housing
Will the cost of my transportation to and from my originating (home) airport be covered?

Although you are not required to utilize transportation provided by HSG, we will provide optional transportation between the arrival airport, hotel, and worksite. Transportation to and from other destinations, including your home, is not reimbursable.

Will parking at the airport be covered?


Will baggage fees be reimbursed?

Yes, bags will be reimbursed based on the number of days assigned. Receipts that include proof of payment must be provided. Overweight bags will not be reimbursed.
- 3 days or less: 1 bag will be reimbursed (up to 50 lbs.)
- 4 + days: 2 bags will be reimbursed (up to 50 lbs. each)

When will I receive my travel itinerary?

Your travel itinerary will be available approximately 72 hours (about 3 days) before your travel date.

Can I drive myself to the strike assignment?

Yes. Mileage will be reimbursed at the IRS standard rate, up to a maximum of $500 per direction for one round trip between your home and the destination.

Will I be provided accommodations?

Hotel accommodations will be provided at no cost to you for the duration of the strike assignment.

What do I need to bring for my hotel check-in?

All healthcare professionals will be provided a housing authorization form at the end of the HSG check-in process. You will need to provide a valid government-issued ID and comply with the hotel's policies. At the discretion of the hotel, it may be necessary to place a credit card on file for incidental charges at the time of check-in..

Will parking at the hotel be covered?

Parking will be paid by HSG at the check-in location and the resident hotel for healthcare professionals who were approved to drive their own vehicle to the strike assignment. Parking outside of these locations will not be covered or reimbursed.

Will transportation be provided from the hotel to the facility during the strike assignment??

Yes, optional transportation will be provided from your resident hotel to the hospital and back during the strike assignment. Utilizing our transportation is optional and is available at no cost to you.

Can I drive myself to the facility during the strike assignment?

Yes, healthcare professionals can drive to the facility. Specific instructions on where to park will be provided the day before the strike assignment starts. If you drive yourself, make sure to notify an HSG team member daily, so we make sure you are accounted for and have an accurate roster. Other transportation to the facility will not be paid for or reimbursed.

When will my return flight be scheduled?

Your return flight will be booked 24-48 hours prior to your departure date.

What do I need to do to schedule my return flight?

You will receive a link from our vendor Concur to book your return flight. Your flight must be booked within 48 hours of receiving this link and your flight must depart within 14 days of the last shift worked. 

Will transportation be provided to the airport after the strike ends?

Yes. Transportation for some may be using the hotel shuttle if the hotel is close to the airport. Otherwise, bus shuttles will be provided by HSG. A schedule of the HSG transportation will be provided in advance, so that you can schedule your flight around the available shuttles.

Time and Pay
How much do strike assignments pay? Are there other perks?

HSG Strike Staffing consistently meets or exceeds the rates paid by other strike nursing agencies. The pay for specialties will vary based on the hospital and geographical area. Depending on the specialty, an assignment could pay the highest in the industry. As we place healthcare professionals based on need and demand, you will be paid based on the specialty you are scheduled to work in and not the highest specialty you are qualified for.

Other perks of strike nursing include roundtrip transportation to and from the assignment destination and housing accommodations as well as daily per diems while on assignment.

What is included in my compensation?

All wages, including overtime and/or double-time, will be calculated, and paid according to the laws of the state in which you work.

Will I be provided a meals per diem?

Yes, a meal per diem reimbursement will be offered at a daily rate beginning the first day of orientation through the last day of the strike assignment. This payment will be included in your weekly paycheck.

Will I be paid for transportation time (driving) to and from the hospital, and parking at the hospital?


How will I be paid?

In California, a daily payment will be provided representing your standard scheduled shift. Any additional payments such as orientation hours, per diem or expense reimbursements will be processed on a weekly payroll cycle following the end of the first week and every subsequent week thereafter.

Outside of California, your paycheck will be processed on a weekly payroll cycle following the end of the first week and every subsequent week thereafter.
Your weekly paycheck will be distributed as a check and mailed to your permanent home address on file or via direct deposit based on your payment set up in ADP Workforce Now.

How can I review my pay information?

You can review your payment information online at

1. Click ‘register here’ and refer to the adp welcome email for your personal registration code
2. After you complete the registration process and login

3. Click on pay > pay profile, to view your pay statements and W-2 forms

How do I update my payroll forms?

You may update your forms online at Once you login, you will select pay/tax withholdings.

• All updates must be completed no later than 5 days prior to the beginning of the strike assignment.
• If no updates are made by the deadline, we will use the last tax elections and direct deposit account on file.
• If no information exists, your tax election will default to a marital status of single and 0 dependent allowances and your weekly check will be mailed to the permanent address we have on file.

Please note, the ADP app is not applicable to access or update your payroll information.

How do I log my hours worked while on-site?

All hours worked at the facility must be reported on the company’s timesheet.A daily and/or weekly approval by the healthcare professional manager may be required.

For California strike assignments, your timesheet must be submitted daily.

For non-California strike assignments, your timesheet must be submitted weekly or after the end of your final shift.

How are guaranteed hours paid?

To receive payment for guaranteed hours, you must be available and eligible to work all assigned hours. Guaranteed hours does not mean guaranteed payment.

If you call out for your scheduled shift for any reason, you will not be eligible for GWW pay. However, if the company is unable to schedule you for the full guaranteed hours, you will be paid up to the required scheduled hours per week for the strike assignment.

All hours worked (regular, overtime, double-time, call back) will count towards the weekly guaranteed hours requirement. GWW hours are paid at the regular rate of pay and included on your weekly payroll check.

What if my shift is called off, how will I get paid?

If you call off your shift for any reason, you will not be eligible for the GWW pay. If for some reason HSG Strike Staffing/facility is unable to schedule you for the guaranteed hours, you will be paid those hours if you were available to work. At the end of the strike assignment, all hours worked (regular, over-time, double-time, call back hours worked) will be trued up to the GWW.)

Who do I contact if I have a question about my paycheck?

Contact our customer support department at 800-458-8973 Monday – Friday 6:00 am to 3:30 pm pacific time.

What happens if I arrive, and the strike settles before I work?

If you arrive at HSG check-in and are verified to have a complete file and the strike is canceled before you step foot in the facility for your first shift (excluding orientation), you will receive the settlement fee or time worked during orientation. This fee will be paid on the next regular pay cycle after the date of cancellation.