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Assignment Details in the Palm of Your Hand AMN Passport

Download AMN Passport & Get Ready for Your Strike Assignment


AMN Passport is your one-stop-shop for all things HSG Strike. In AMN Passport you will have access to your personalized credentialing checklist, see real-time updates to your status and be able to upload all your documents for this assignment. Make sure you have your notifications turned on as credentialing will continue to update you on your credentialing journey.


Complete Your Application

Complete your application to gain access to AMN Passport features. 

Download Passport

Download AMN Passport and log in with the email that you used on your application.  

Search Strike Assignments

Ensure you have selected strike as your job preference & view current strike opportunities. Select the one you are interested in working with to see more information.

Nominate Yourself

Update your profile (license, skills checklist, etc) & then nominate yourself for the strike you are interested in. The more complete your profile the more likely you are to be selected!

Submit Credentials

Once you’ve nominated yourself for the strike you are interested in, begin uploading your credentials via AMN Passport.

That’s It, You’re Ready

Congrats, your credentials are submitted. Sit back and wait for strike notice to be placed. An HSG recruiter will help you the rest of the way.

How to Check your Credentialing Status and Submit Documents

Watch the video and learn how to utilize AMN Passport to submit your credentialing documents. This simple process will ensure that you are good to go for your upcoming strike assignment. Did we mention you can receive a cash bonus when you complete your credentialing prior to strike notice?

How to View Assignment Details

Watch the video and learn how to check your strike assignment details within AMN Passport. 

  • Check your credentialing requirements
  • Update time and pay
  • And so much more!

AMN Passport makes it easy for you to go on your next strike assignment.