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Manage your assignment with AMN Passport

Your career at your fingertips

AMN Passport is your one-stop-shop for what you need to search, sign up and work your next strike assignment. You can search upcoming assignments, upload credentials, confirm travel information, access assignment details and more to manage your assignment.


Ensure you have your AMN Passport notifications turned on to stay updated on action items and be alerted when strike notice is received. 


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Sign in to your existing account

New to AMN Passport?

Follow the steps below!

Create an AMN Passport Account

Create an account on AMN Passport.

Update Job Preferences

In AMN Passport, navigate to the Jobs tab and select Change Job Preferences. Ensure that the Strike AssignmentAny Shift Length, and Any Facility Type fields are checked. This will ensure you always see available strike opportunities.

Sign Up for Assignments

In the Jobs tab, view available strike assignments and sign up for the ones you are interested in. To ensure you receive notifications, navigate to the Preferences page and update your notification settings. Notifications will alert you when action items are needed, strike notice is received, and new strikes are available.

Complete Action Items

Review action items frequently on the home page. Once strike notice is received, it will be important that you act quickly and complete action items swiftly!

That’s It, You’re Ready

Monitor AMN Passport for each assignment you sign up for. When working a strike, you will use the app to learn when you are clear to travel, view your schedule, access your digital badge to check-in and load the bus, and much, much more!

How to Upload a Credential

AMN Passport is here to make your credentialing process simple with our new Credential Center. See how easy it is to upload a new credentialing document right in your AMN Passport App!

How to Check your Credentialing Document Status

Watch the video and learn how to utilize AMN Passport to submit your credentialing documents. This simple process will ensure that you are good to go for your upcoming strike assignment. Did we mention you can receive a cash bonus when you complete your credentialing prior to strike notice?

How to View a Past Credentialing Document

AMN Passport is here to make your credentialing process simple with our new Credential Center. See how easy it is to view your past credentialing documents right in your AMN Passport App!